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Create actionable solutions with insights about today’s rapidly-evolving market.


Unveil the intricate layers of rapidly-evolving market through our ecological approach framework. 

We worked with industries, regulators, and development sectors, fuels our progressive expertise over time.


Amplify your strategy with effective impact.

Consult with our group of experts in digital marketing, public relation, and digital infrastructure.


Bring your ideas to life and achieve concrete, measurable results. 

Our team of creative organizers are equipped with agility and adaptability, tailoring details to unique context of each project.

Featured Projects

In April 2023 Cothink conducted research on the women menstrual health with middle-low economy in Jabodetabek and Karawang.

Introducing Royal Canin Edu, an esteemed educational website brought to you by Royal Canin Indonesia.

The Female Daily Jakarta x Beauty event spanned four days and drew a substantial crowd of beauty enthusiasts.

Clients & Partners

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