Unveil the intricate layers of rapidly-evolving market through our ecological approach framework. 

We worked with industries, regulators, and development sectors, fuels our progressive expertise over time.

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Market Research

We believe, market is an integral part of our society. At COTHINK, we like to take a deep dive and analyze phenomena that influence community behavior.

We make certain to build rapport prior to every insight gathering because we prioritize on qualitative understanding. We believe and appreciate that each market has its own dynamic and unique trait.

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Development Research

Cothink is present to help in development problems, in addition to advocacies, community engagement, and program activation. Our research is aimed to provide insightful impact that could be of benefit to development effort around the world.
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Policy Research

We are qualified in conducting researches to examining and analyzing the effect of public policies. Generally, our studies designed to influence policy makers to promote the evidence-based policy approach by providing data, insight, as well as promoting projects to create large-scale impact in public policy structure.

Related Projects

Vet is Our Hero is entering its fifth year. From the beginning, the workshops aimed to help Royal Canin understand its stakeholders better, benefiting the pet health ecosystem.

In April 2023 Cothink conducted research on the women menstrual health with middle-low economy in Jabodetabek and Karawang.

We conducted qualitative and online quantitative research with vets and pet owners to understand their perspective...

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