Define Cothink?

Initially COTHINK started as a research company that evolved into a knowledge-based company that offers various services to learn the social phenomena through relevant approach.

What separates COTHINK from other agencies?

COTHINK emphasizes on the human touch approach, in addition to networks and graphs. We are convinced that in the industry where the objective is to better understand how individuals are connected, establishing a good rapport helps to understand feelings or ideas and communicate well.

Who are the partners and collaborators of COTHINK?

COTHINK partners and clients came from various backgrounds. We partner and collaborate with governments, multinational and global companies, non-profit organizations, cultural heritage organizations and communities.

How big is COTHINK?

Vernon Howard, an American philosopher once said, “Always walk-through life as if you have something new to learn and you will”. Over the years, COTHINK has been able to accumulate skills and experience from working together and closely with some influential people in the industry. We are confident that we can be an asset to our future partners and clients. We might be a small company, but we surely are agile.

What services does COTHINK offer?

COTHINK offers numerous services, from a wide range of researches to solutions and actions. We are a one stop research agency inspire to work together with our partners and clients in order to achieve a common goal.


We are a unity of like-minded people consisted of entrepreneurs and innovators, designers and creative problem solvers, thinkers and doers. We aim to develop wellbeing by lending a helping hand through approachable knowledge sharing for a better tomorrow. We create relevant and actionable solutions in this ever changing world. In which allow people to grow, work effectively and build positive bonds with others.

"No matter the challenges we remain grounded and strong will"

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