Photo by Cothink 2023

Vet is Our Hero

Vet is Our Hero is entering its fifth year. From the beginning, the workshops aimed to help Royal Canin understand its stakeholders better, benefiting the pet health ecosystem.

These workshops consistently proved effective in assisting vet clinics. Since the first workshop in 2019, Royal Canin has successfully encouraged clinics to invest in knowledge, skills, and better medical equipment that leading to more accurate diagnoses, precise treatments, and improved pet well-being. In subsequent years, “Vet is Our Hero” continued collaborating with vet clinic owners and thought leaders to improve pets’ quality of life in Indonesia.

This year, we’re highlighting an often-overlooked issue: the well-being of veterinarians. Royal Canin believes people are the foundation of pet health ecosystem. This year’s workshop will focus on collaboration to create an environment that prioritizes veterinarians’ well-being to enhance pet health in Indonesia.
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