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Royal Canin Education Webinar Management

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Introducing Royal Canin Edu, an esteemed educational website brought to you by Royal Canin Indonesia. Royal Canin Edu committed to meeting the unique needs of cats and dogs to create a better world for pets. At Royal Canin Edu, we shared valuable resources and knowledge to both veterinarians and pet owners.

In 2022, we successfully conducted 40 webinars for Royal Canin Indonesia, offering a total of 100 hours of live streaming content. These webinars demanded meticulous planning and preparation, resulting in an impressive reach of 25,292 registrants from 25 countries. With 10,636 engaged attendees and contributions from 51 esteemed local and international speakers, our webinars provided invaluable insights. Additionally, the engagement rate soared to an outstanding 264%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our collaboration with Royal Canin Indonesia.

To ensure the success of the webinars, we actively collected feedback from participants, resulting in a remarkable general satisfaction rating of 8,6 out of 10. This positive response is a testament to the value and quality of the content we deliver.

We take great pride in these remarkable achievements and remain dedicated to our mission of positively impacting the lives of cats and dogs worldwide. For more information and to explore the educational resources, please visit
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