Wonderful Indonesia Brand Recognition Index in Russia


Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia needs to measure oversease marketing communication penetration of its tourism brand through end-user costumer feedback in targeted country about its tourism brand “Wonderful Indonesia”.
Among many countries, Russia is one of Indonesia tourism targeted country with 6,67% increase in the number of tourist visit in 2018.

Our Solution

We went to Russia to check the Wonderful Indonesia brand awareness level among Muscovites (Moscow residents). We measured brand awareness index using four variables of brand recognition, brand recall, intention of purchase, and consumption.
The data collection is conducted using digital survey in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy.


Understanding the Wonderful Indonesia brand awareness in Russia helped the Ministry’s Directorate of Marketing identified Indonesia tourism potential and evaluate the marketing communication impacts that has been invested overseas, particularly in East of Europe. Furthermore, the report the become a reference for future development of overseas marketing programs.

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