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Stakeholder Consultation on Involving Young People in Health Research


Wellcome is embarking on an ambitious new global strategy to tackle urgent health challenges with a focus on mental health, infectious disease, and the health impacts of global heating. Young people are disproportionately impacted by these health challenges and will have to live with them longer. They will not only be key beneficiaries of Wellcome’s new strategy but will also be key in helping Wellcome achieve the desired impact.

Our Solution

We work together with partners from India and USA using Human Centered Design to integrate human perspectives in all steps of the problem-solving process. The process aims to better understand an issue from the human perspective and focuses on how it looks and feels to users and stakeholders within their environment and context. This understanding informs the iterative development of concepts designed to address a problem. We recruited and conducted in-depth interviews with young people who has experience in conducting research in the field of mental health, climate change and public health to understand how young people benefited and involved from research activites.

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