Instrumen Penilaian Produk Kreatif Lokal Unggulan Berbasis Budaya


The Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Trade has great attention in the growth of the creative economy sector, especially products that promote local/traditional culture as the main added value of their products. For this reason, the Government needs a definition , assessment instrument, qualitative analysis of local cultural based creative products that can be used as a policy basis for improving the creative economy in Indonesia.

Our Solution

The Creative Economy sector in Indonesia has a broad sector and various definitions. Several relevant ministries and institutions have different definitions in viewing the existing creative economy products. Cothink conducts a study of the definition of local creative products by mapping existing definitions through secondary research combined with expert opinions through . This general definition is then quantified as an assessment instrument that can be used in various sectors. Through quantification analysis in the assesment instrument, the client will be able to put scoring of many different products and make priority in the policy making process.


Creative Products Assesment Survey Tools – The results of the research conducted by cothink can simplify the
assessment process of creative products on the market. The assessment of a creative product in Indonesia is carried out through a panel of judges and expert which has the potential to be biased and gives rise to different interpretations. Through this instrument, the process of evaluating creative products based on culture can be carried out more easily, systematically, and practically.
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