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Youth Perspective on Climate Change


This research is a collaboration between the Climate Institute, Cothink Research, and Friedrich Nauman Foundation. The project aims to explore Indonesian youth’s perception towards climate change and how their personal values might — or might not — affect their perception regarding climate change. In addition, this research also aims to discover factors that are linked to Indonesian youth’s tendency to participate in climate change-related events.

Our Solution

Qualitative approach was chosen for this study due to the explorative nature of the research objectives. A series of online In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) will be conducted with relevant collaborators; namely Indonesian youth, experts, and other stakeholders that are actively involved in local climate change scene.


Understanding issue of climate change seems to have become a bubble among educated young people in urban areas. In fact, youth in Pekanbaru, Siak, and the outer islands of Bali feel the impact directly. Meanwhile, the source who lives in Jakarta even considers floods, disasters that occur due to climate change, as a normal thing that happens every year. Failure to understand and prioritize problems must be resolved immediately.

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